Our Vision and Values

Nature gives us the elements, we add the science, patients reap the benefits.

Creating a paradigm shift in the biopharma market

By returning to and honing the knowledge and tools that have been part of humanity’s pharmacopeia since the advent of civilization. MGC Pharma is reaching back to our roots to create the future – one consisting of sustainable and affordable treatment options that work with patients’ internal systems, to ease their symptoms and facilitate lifestyles that are empowered by medication as opposed to limited by it.

Driven by people who want to make a change

Brought to the level of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) through a careful and regulated process of isolation and purification. These are the building blocks of MGC’s medicines, and we believe they hold the key to more effective treatments for patients around the world.
Our vision is to have a global impact on undertreated medical conditions and diseases, using the power of plant-based medicine in novel combinations by using technology to harness knowledge and science to achieve our “Nature to Medicine” strategy.

Roby Zomer
Co-Founder & CEO

We live by our values


At the core of any medicine is the question of how well it works. MGC Pharma invests significant resources in ensuring a clinical agenda for each product to ensure the final product going to market maximizes the existing potential of our core ingredients.


When a medicine works the first time, it needs to work the same way every time a patient takes it. To ensure this consistency, MGC Pharma has built a pipeline that runs from: Genetics, through to raw ingredient manufacture, to the highest level of pharmaceutical manufacturing possible. With patients potentially using these treatments for decades, MGC will ensure the last bottle will be exactly like the first.


Patients around the world are finding themselves mortgaging their futures to keep themselves alive today. This is an untenable, unjust and unfair situations. MGC Pharma is constantly seeking modalities that will enable the company to tackle high-cost treatments with affordable solutions.


Our world is rapidly changing, which includes global shifts in supply chains and access to ingredients through unforeseen changes. MGC Pharma seeks to create sustainable and viable solutions for the long-term production of our raw products in an earth friendly, globally responsible, manner.


Operating in an emerging industry means that every day is full of choices that challenge the set course. Legislation, access, investments are all moving targets as the world accepts these new treatments and their potential impact on public health. MGC Pharma exists as a dynamic global operation with the ability to rapidly enter new markets and identify viable course of treatment in keeping with local demands.


A company that is focused on innovation and creation cannot exist without revelling in its discoveries and pushing the envelope on what it believes it can achieve. MGC tries to foster a sense of wonder and amazement at what we can achieve in all of our team, and to acknowledge the privilege of working on a brave new frontier.

Leading the global shift towards plant-based, naturally harmonious medicines, improving lives and public health.