Research and Development

We pride ourselves on bringing together the most qualified, passionate experts in the biopharmaceutical industry, to produce medical products that can treat a variety of diseases and medical conditions.

Inhouse Capabilities

Our goal is to provide cost effective, standardized, affordable medicines. We are leaders in the conceptualization, formulation, and the creation of plant-derived medicine products that are consistent, compliant, plant-derived medicines. We aim to perfect the use of nature in medicine via a robust clinical pipeline.

Collaborative efforts

We work with some of the brightest professionals in the biopharmaceutical industry as well as leading hospitals and clinical researchers across the globe, to produce the highest quality products that make up our clinical pipeline.

Academic Foundations

MGC Pharma has built strong relationships with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and the Slovenian National Institute of Biology, to produce the most rigorous research and develop a high-quality clinical pipeline.

Our Partners and Collaborators

We partner with leading institutions, companies and groups worldwide, to support expanding the agenda of plant-based medicines supporting unmet needs.

Research, Clinical and Academia

Education & Patient Access Partners

Distribution, Logistics, Manufacturing

Our R&D offering​​

Research and Development is at the heart of everything we do as a business. Our products have been brought to the level of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) through a careful and regulated process of isolation and purification. The research and development involved in this process are the building blocks of MGC’s medicines, and we believe they hold the key to more effective treatments for patients all over the world. MGC’s research and development projects include preclinical, clinical, botanical development and novel drug delivery systems, focused at the intersection of plant-derived medicines and the pharmaceutical industry.

Leading the global shift towards plant-based, naturally harmonious medicines, improving lives and public health.